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A beautiful website is great.  But does your beautiful website generate new customers every day?  If not, let us help.  We are Brooklyn, NY’s local SEO company, and it is our job to speak the language of search engines.   We are here to help transform your website into a new-customer generating machine.

Your potential clients are searching online for someone like you right now.  Will they find you, or your competition?  

Whether you are an accountant, an attorney, a physician, or a contractor, we can help get your message out.  We are proud to work with small business owners anywhere in the USA.  Many of our clients are based in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and our home, Brooklyn.

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About Online Marketing in Brooklyn​

Small business SEO expertise for uncertain times​

If your small business is facing headwinds, you are not alone.  Today, more than ever, acquiring new clients is both more challenging, and more rewarding.  As many New York small businesses are cutting their advertising budget, its time to diversify into lower cost, higher profit sources of new customers. 

That’s where we come in.  

Brooklyn SEO company can optimize your website to target the customers you may not even realize you are missing.  Implementing proper search engine optimization on your website is a long term solution. While advertising stops working the moment you stop paying for it, SEO, when properly set up, is natural and ongoing.  The work we do for you today can continue to drive new customers for the next decade.

With new challenges come new opportunities.  Make sure you are ready for both with great local SEO from our Brooklyn based company.

Recession proof your small business with local SEO services in Brooklyn, NY.

As NYC local seo authority, we are here to help make your business more resilient. Email us for a free assessment of your website’s SEO potential.  We will get back to you with a helpful guide tailored for your company.

NYC SEO Experts

A quick overview of our local search engine optimization process - and how it will benefit your small business, whether you are based in Brooklyn - or anywhere in the United States.

NYC Local SEO Phase 1 - Assessment

seo company brooklyn ny
Assess your small business website and your Google My Business Listing

Our SEO consultants begin by examining your current website and your Google My Business (GMB) listing.  These two online properties will become a powerful, customer generating machine. But, in order to attract the most customers, both your website and GMB must be set up according to Google’s highest standards. We check your website and GMB for a wide range of SEO and technical issues.

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Assess your NYC SEO competition

Next, we look at your competitors.  We find out what they are doing right so that we can reverse engineer their success, and find out where they have SEO gaps – so that we can fill those gaps by providing great new content on your website. 

customer searching online for a small business company in brooklyn
Find what your customers are searching for

In step three, we find the keywords and ideas your potential customers are searching online.  We focus on those opportunities you are not currently targeting.   We analyze the keywords and gather the terms that will bring your company the most bang for the buck.

Present you with a report of our findings

Next, we present you with a thorough local SEO assessment report.  In this complete report you will find everything you need to know about your company’s website, your GMB listing, your competition, your opportunities and gaps.  In short, we will give you all the tools you need to make your website into a client- generating machine.

NYC Local SEO Phase 2 - Implementation

Resolve any existing technical issues on your website and GMB

We begin the local SEO implementation phase by optimizing your current website for speed and user friendliness.  We will make sure your website abides by all of Google’s rules and guidelines. If necessary, we remove “bad links” and can also redesign your company’s website.  Next, we proceed to completely optimize your GMB listing, thus making it a powerful tool to help you attract even more customers. 

Create new content to target new keyword opportunities

Our content creation team gets to work targeting your new potential customers.  We write articles, create supporting videos or Infographics.  Next time your potential customer searches online, our goal is to have your website appear first.

network and backlinks in local seo nyc
Build strong backlinks to support your new content

All that new content is great, but to really get to the top of Google we build new links from reputable websites.   We submit your company information to the Big Four Data Aggregators and make sure your NAP is consistent throughout the internet. We then build out or update links to directories like Yellow Pages.  Next, we focus on creating strong backlinks to your content pages using blogger outreach, press releases among other methods.  Google will be much more likely to show your website to users after we create powerful backlinks. We also create backlinks to your GMB listing, giving it even more Google friendly juice. 

observe the local seo competition in nyc
Continue to watch for new SEO opportunities and keep you website at the top of Google

Now its time to stay ahead of the competition.  We constantly monitor your online search results, add new content, watch and reverse engineer what your competitors are doing.  The goal is to always keep you #1, and your website always attracting new customers.  Every month you receive a complete report advising you of your SEO and GMB progress.  

FAQs About Our Brooklyn SEO Company

Local Search Engine Optimization Questions

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making your website better in order to get organic (not paid) visitors from the web.  In order to implement good SEO you must understand what search engines (such as Google) like to see on a website.  At the same time, your website must appeal to human visitors.

Local SEO is the process of getting customers from a certain geographic area to visit a website, and to buy your product or service.

How do I improve search engine optimization?

In order to improve search engine optimization on your small business website, you must take all of the following steps: 

First, you must solve any technical issues that might interfere with Google “liking” your website.  These include bad links, slow loading times, bad tags or content, and content written without specific keyword targets.  

Second, you must create great content that appeals to both search engines and users.  You must incorporate relevant keywords into your content.

Next, you must create great links to that content from powerful websites.  

And finally, you must maintain your website to make sure your content is updated as needed and that you follow Google’s ever changing rules and guidelines.  

Many small business owners prefer to focus on their small business, and outsource all this work to a professional local SEO consultant- and thats where we come in.

How much does SEO Cost?

This depends on many factors.  However, as a rule of thumb, in 2020, small business SEO services in Brooklyn range from $500 per month all the way to $3500 per month. 

A one time SEO project will normally run you $750 and up.  A lot depends on your budget, your customer and your competitors.  For a free quote, please be sure to get in touch with us today.  

About Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, also known as Kings County, is a borough of New York City.  It is the second most densely populated city in the United States, (the first is Manhattan).  Notable Brooklyn attractions include the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Coney Island and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  

According to the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn is home to 62,000 businesses and 18 million consumers. 

Brooklyn encompasses dozens of zip codes including: 11212, 11213, 11216, 11233, 11238, 11209, 11214, 11228, 11204, 11218, 11219, 11230, 11234, 11236, 11239, 11223, 11224, 11229, 11235, 11201, 11205, 11215, 11217, 11231, 11203, 11210, 11225, 11226, 11207, 11208, 11211, 11222, 11220, 11232, 11206, 11221, 11237